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May 2003 Cover
May 2003 Cover

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Dreamers: An Erotic Journey
By Giacomo Tramontagna

Dreamers: An Erotic Journey
Rating: 4 Stars
Produced, photographed, and directed by Kristen Bjorn. Music by Matt Locke. Starring Angel Castaneda, Antonio Rico, Andres Duranza, Hugo Peligro, Jack Murphy, Pietro Rosselli, Geoff Powell, Lucas Magalhaes, Domingo Montero, Ivan Andros, Marcos Allende, Lazaro Carrera, Christophe Blanc, Martin Chavez, Slava Petrovich, and Diego Pastores.
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Dreamers, Kristen Bjorn's 28th feature-length production, runs two and a half hours, encompasses five episodes, and serves up several dozen freshets of ejaculation. The 16-man cast is the usual Bjornian posse of sprites and demigods. Most are Europeans or Latinos; few, if any, are circumcised. Types range from tall, copper-skinned Hugo Peligro (who doubled as Bjorn's chief production assistant) to tiny, lemur-eyed Marcos Allende. These models feel indigenous to swank surroundings, but they aren't simply upscale accessories. Their individuality helps set off carnal fireworks. Bjorn's strength lies not so much in depicting beautiful men having sex, but in finding his models' humanity and using it to fuel their physical interplay.

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Each episode is someone's dream. Transitions link dreamers to sequences in ways that suggest a Bunuelian series of dreams within dreams; Dreamers is, in itself, a pagan dream of sexual freedom. In the opening segment, Andres Duranza, sleeping naked under tangled sheets, envisions joining in sex play between Angel Castaneda and Antonio Rico. The episode, the best threesome in recent memory, lasts an ecstatic 40 minutes. The models connect fiercely, but the tone is light. They talk to each other; everybody smiles. Sweetly lubricious Castaneda repeatedly whacks his dick across Rico's face. Rico sucks both his partners' cocks at once. The three men fuck in a chain with Duranza in the middle. Near the finish, they explore the sexual possibilities of a rocking chair.

In the next sequence, Peligro, standing on a second-story porch, spies five men splashing naked in a neighboring pool. Climbing a fence to approach them, he instigates an orgy. Eventually Peligro, who has been napping, wakes up seated on the porch with a twitching boner; Ivan Andros and Marcos Allende offer come to his aid. Next, Christophe Blanc, sprawled on a beach, wakes up, or seems to wake up, and joins two friends in the shower. Finally, deceptively ascetic-looking Slava Petrovich (Moscow: The Power of Submission)-- who has perhaps dreamed all five episodes-- meets raven-haired horse-cart driver Diego Pastores in a Spanish Caribbean town. They piss together, then segue into sex. Before they move from garden to bedroom, Petrovich, cock protruding from immaculate white pants, fucks Pastores fervently. Kristen Bjorn has done it again. (Note: the unabridged mail-order edition reviewed here is superior to the truncated version being sold, for some reason, in stores.)

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