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St. Paul subpoenaed?

 Dirty Dishes Dirty Dishes Archive  
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Bible Stories
By Dawn Ivory

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Sensible people understand that the law should concern itself with sticks and stones, and that attempts to regulate people's speech or writing so as not to give offense to others amounts to policing thought. Who imagines Big Brother will be a welcome nanny?

Alas, all too many. Surveys reveal that a majority of Americans favor bans against so-called "hate speech." (As though enforced silence eradicates hate!) Most do-gooders imagine such censorship efforts aimed at "the N word" or calling hand-holding same-sex couples "queers" or Holocaust denialists' claptrap. But one man in Michigan is trying to use the anti-hate-speech rationale against a novel target: Bible publishers.

Bradley Fowler is suing two Bible-publishing firms for distributing "mistranslated" scripture in which homosexuality is reviled by name in First Corinthians. According to Fowler, the Biblical text so-written exposes him "or anyone who is a homosexual to endure verbal abuse, discrimination, episodes of hate, and physical violence... including murder."

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