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September 2002 Cover
September 2002 Cover

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How I put the terrorists at bay on my vacation
By Lester R. Grubé

Like many Americans, in light of the threat of terrorists I've had to alter my vacation plans this year. I fully intended, as I have in past seasons, to spend a week soaking up the atmosphere and history of Sturbridge Village, that lovely central Massachusetts replica of colonial times. But then I got to thinking: what more likely target could there be for terrorists in this country than Sturbridge Village? It's as American as apple pie and the kind of spot that attracts only the nicest sorts of people-- precisely those that these Saudi Arabians seem to single out for their mischief.

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Now anyone who knows me can testify that I'm definitely not a violent person, but the possibility of an attack upon Sturbridge Village makes me wish President Bush would launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the entire Middle East so that Mom and I could make our vacation plans without fear. But alas, political courage and sense seems to have vanished with Attila the Hun.

Fortunately, I am a resourceful person and have found a delightful alternative to my usual vacation routine. Instead of visiting Sturbridge Village this year, I'll spend the week reliving previous tours. I was surprised to discover that I have well over 3000 slides from past trips. This means that even if I go through 500 at a time, I'll still have plenty to put on a different show every day. The beauty of this plan is that Mom and I can bring Sturbridge Village to so many of our acquaintances who, for one reason or another, never followed our suggestion to go there in person.

I've often complained that with my heavy TV viewing schedule I rarely have time to enjoy all the beautiful slides I take every vacation. This year it will be different. I may even capture on film these special evenings and next year have slides of people watching slides to show my friends.

Naturally, I've started inviting people early so they can make their plans around these presentations. Even so, you'd be surprised at how many people have told me they don't think they'll be able to make the "tour," that they think they'll be in either Provincetown or Ogunquit that week. It's hard to imagine why anyone would go to these places when I am offering them such an exciting and safe vacation alternative right here in Boston. I guess there's no accounting for what some people seem to enjoy.

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