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Our About and Help Section
About the Guide print magazine
  • General Information

    The Guide is published monthly with a circulation of 25,000 copies.

    The Guide is sold at newsstands (vendor inquires) and distributed by our advertisers (ad rates) free-of-charge throughout North America and in selected European and Australian cities. Materials from The Guide are also available over the World Wide Web at archive.guidemag.com.

    The Guide has been growing for over twenty-five years to become one of the United States’ largest gay magazines.

    The Guide's always up-to-date travel features on exciting domestic and international destinations along with continually updated city maps make The Guide indispensable for the gay traveler.

    The Guide's insightful editorials and commentary have won awards from the Gay and Lesbian Press Association and Q-Syndicate as well as a loyal following among regular readers.

    The Guide is packed with travel information, entertaining articles, thoughtful editorials, photo features, steamy video reviews, a hot international personals section, provocative columnists, book and movie reviews, along with advertising from around the world- no wonder more and more people are reaching for The Guide!

  • Advertising

    Magazine ad rates in US$ (contact us for rates in other currencies)

    Display ad rates:

    Size Width x Height $US/Month
    back cover 7.75" x 10.25"
    (19.96 x 26.04 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    inside front cover,
    inside back cover,
    page 3
    6.55" x 8.76"
    (16.64 x 22.25 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    double 2(6.55" x 8.76")
    2(16.64 x 22.25 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    full 6.55" x 8.76"
    (16.64 x 22.25 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    two thirds 4.31" x 8.76"
    (10.95 x 22.25 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    junior page 4.28" x 6.55"
    (10.87 x 16.64 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    half 6.55" x 4.28"
    (16.64 x 10.87 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    one third 4.311" x 4.28"
    (10.95 x 10.87 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    quarter vertical 3.175" x 4.28"
    (8.07 x 10.87 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    quarter horizontal 4.311" x 3.175"
    (8.07 x 10.87 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    sixth 2.072" x 4.28"
    (5.26 x 10.87 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    eighth vertical 2.072" x 3.175"
    (5.26 x 8.07 cm)
    Contact us for rates
    eighth horizontal 3.175" x 2.04"
    (8.07 x 5.18 cm)
    Contact us for rates

    Travel Listings and Steam Heat

    Up to fifty words in either our Travel listings or Steam Heat (saunas & health clubs) listings cost $375 for six issues (six months) or $525 for 12 issues (12 months).

    Please note: postal codes, telephone numbers, and abbreviations each count as one word. Be sure to include the name of your business as part of the 50 words.

    The Guide magazine contains two sections arranged geographically: Travel Classifieds promote destinations and travel related business, while the Steam Heat section promotes saunas and health clubs. Information from Travel listings and Steam Heat listings are also included in our on-line web profiles at no additional charge.

    Payment options

    We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and international money orders; for information regarding electronic bank transfers, or if you are paying by credit card, please contact us.

    Submit a display ad electronically

    We prefer that all artwork be supplied by email as a press quality PDF file (PDF version 1.3 (Acrobat 4). The final ad should be cropped to the active area only and there should be no additional white space or extra information outside the active area. Send PDFs to guide.bookings@xtra.ca.

    Artwork is sent best if scanned at 300dpi. Halftone screens must be no more than 100dpi.

    We also accept digital artwork in high resolution EPS, TIFF formats. However, we cannot make any text changes to these files.

    We also accept QuarkXPress 7.31, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files for MacIntosh. Please include all supporting images and fonts.

    Artwork that does not conform exactly to the modular sizes provided will be re-formatted, reduced, enlarged or framed at the discretion of The Guide.

    We do NOT accept ads submitted in Word or other processing software such as CorelDraw, Powerpoint or Microsoft Publisher. We cannot use images that are less than 200 dpi or that have been highly compressed.

    Please include with your file - the client name, a contact phone number and the date of the issue in which the ad should run. Please provide a proof of your digital file by fax: 416-925-6674 to the attention of Erin Booth.

    If you have any questions or for FTP information, please call 514-521-3222.

    Deadlines, specs, and other info

    • Prices listed are based on camera-ready ads
    • Please contact us for ad deadlines
    • All materials should be 150 lines/inch (60 lines/cm)
    • Bleeds available on all pages; provide 1/4" (.7 cm) margin beyond trim size
    • Spot color and four-color process are available at extra cost

    For information about what our travel destinations will be for coming months, contact us.

  • Distribution

    Businesses interested in selling The Guide should contact our distributor:

    Ubiquity Distributors Inc.
    607 degraw street
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    (718) 875-5491


    or contact us

  • Subscribing

    For US addresses, one year (12 issues) for $30 US funds by standard mail or $45 US funds for first class delivery; for addresses in Canada $45 Canadian funds for first class delivery. For other countries $75 US funds for airmail delivery. Single copies of previous issues available for $3.50 plus $1.50 postage and handling, prepaid. For questions and inquiries about subscriptions, contact distribution@guidemag.com.

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